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The Domaine Le Muret is an ideal starting point to discover the Aveyron region, which has known how to keep an authentic and sincere feel to it.

The region was named after the Aveyron river, hidden between, hills and mountains. The Aveyron region is full of narrow valleys and forest left untouched for centuries. Nowadays one feels as if the time has stopped…

You will enjoy taking in the calmness and charm of the region, while following the small roads leading to the domaine, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape and share the locals’ sincerity.

The Aveyron region is considered as the green heart of the Midi (South of France), where the landscape has remained intact for centuries.

The Domaine Le Muret is in the Segala, an area of the Aveyron region, famous for its history, traditions and craftwork.

The rivers Aveyron and Viaur have carved beautiful forges into the earth, providing calm and green valleys, ideal for long walks in the generous countryside.

The Segala area, is also known as the “country of 100 valleys”, and the locals “Segalis” will warmly welcome any visitors.

Some of the most picturesque villages of France can be found around the Muret, such as Conques, Belcastel, Najac, Sauveterre de Rouergue, and many more.

12200 Saint Salvadou
Aveyron – France
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